Tyler Acoustics Decade Series D1 Speakers (Custom, Modified)


Mastering is an often misunderstood and overlooked part of the music creation process.  Fundamentally it’s your final opportunity to examine your project holistically and fine-tune it for your intended listeners.  Mastering helps your music translate evenly to different playback systems and provides balance to your album from start-to-finish.

Mastering allows a fresh perspective on the overall sound of your music.  It can help address issues with your mixes, augment strengths, add density and definition as well as increase the impact.  Volume levels and tonal characteristics from track-to-track can become consistent.  Clicks, pops and other unwanted anomalies can be removed.  Sequencing, gaps, fades and quality control are the final steps in the mastering process ultimately providing you with a finished product ready for online digital distribution, CD replication or vinyl pressing.

In short, mastering ensures that the quality of your music is the best it can possibly be.